Trust in AI starts with a safe, secure and explainable design



We care about trust and AI. 

But we care more about trust in AI... 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken centre stage in our society and is here to stay. AI has become a fundamental and integral part of our (digital) society. A society where decision-making is becoming more machine and data-driven. And we are just getting started.

As a company, we are not on 'The Terminators will destroy us all' end of the spectrum. Nor do we embrace the 'Let's just build it, make a quick buck and deal with any problems later' scenario. We definitely do believe in the potential of AI for our society. But we also believe that it is our responsibility as human beings to design and use AI in a responsible  way. A responsible AI, which can be trusted. Not only for our generation, but in particular for the future generations. 

a3i walks the talk and has developed the Trust-in-AI framework.

Our services help your organization to design safety, security and explainability in your AI system(s).

By taking these concepts into account, you show that you embrace AI, which is responsible and can be trusted. Which, we believe, will have a positive influence on your users, your customers, and your reputation.