Welcome to our blog!

As we already published in our News section, we are very excited to announce that a3i has come 'out of the wood work'. We have hit the ground running and have started our services. And it is time to start our blog!

"Yeah, a blog, so?", some of you may ask... A good & fair question, as there is already lots of blogs, websites and information out there on AI. With our blog, we want focus on trust in AI (no surprises here). We hope that our blog posts (and white papers) will create awareness and discussions on this important topic.

However, in order to get there, we also want to demystify AI. At least the topics, which are related to trust in AI. We want to do this for different reasons:

  • There is a lot of debate about what these topics exactly mean. For example, what does transparency and explainability mean or what do you mean with 'bias in data'? We don't claim to have all the answers (because we don't), but we can at least share our insights & view. Which is also important as it helps you - hopefully - to better understand where we come from with our approach.
  • Given that trust in AI impacts every individual in our society, it is important that people understand in lay-people terms what it is all about. Sure, we can talk about propellor-head AI, like L1 vs. L2 regularization, K-fold cross validation or differential privacy (you still there?), but that does 99.99% of the population no good.

When we demystify, we will try to do so using AI examples, which happen in our society. For instance, self-driving cars creating accidents or the GDPR impact on AI. We may not always find the right example (and we are not going to make up examples), but where feasible and applicable, we will. 

Our blog posts will also vary in length, depending on the topic at hand. So, when we write a longer blog post, please bear with us, because there is a reason why it is longer. A good example of a longer blog post will be our next post regarding "GDPR's impact on AI".

Last, but not least, we encourage you to reach out to us (email info@a3i.ai or a comment on our blog) if there is a topic you feel is important for trust in AI, and needs clarification or discussion. We will do our best to accommodate :)

Thanks for now and please stay tuned for our next blog post!