a3i to speak at Bsides Fredericton

We are excited to announce that on Nov 20, a3i will speak at the Bsides Fredericton Security Conference in Fredericton, NB. Topic of discussion will be ‘To trust or not to trust in AI - that’s the question!’. Great event for our Atlantic Canada Cyber Security community. Don’t miss out!

More information: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/security-bsides-fredericton-2018-tickets-43617160100

Schedule with speakers

Schedule with speakers

a3i out of stealth mode!

We are very pleased to announce that a3i is now officially out of stealth mode. We have been working hard on our Trust-in-AI Framework. Our framework is a holistic approach focused on the safety, security, and explainability of AI systems. We believe that organizations, which use our framework, will have a leg up in gaining trust from their users. Simply by showing that they incorporate these concepts 'by design' when developing AI systems.

Trust, which is becoming more important in our society. In particular, when so-called 'black-box' systems make opaque decisions, which directly/indirectly impact individuals, organizations, or our society in general. 

More information on our framework can be found here.